Congratulations to heavenly hunks to School Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations to heavenly hunks to School Giveaway Winners!

As we all settle back into a regular routine this school season, parents are reminded how much preparation goes into setting all of those little ones up for success. Between extracurricular activity sign-ups, school supply shopping, and lunchbox packing, it’s easy for parents to become overwhelmed. Just making sure to fill those lunch boxes with balanced meals that satisfy the taste buds, increase and sustain energy, and check all of those important categories on the food pyramid can be tough. That’s why we partnered with some of our favorite Brand Ambassadors on Instagram to give away a back to school package to two lucky winners!

We teamed up with McKenna and Anne to offer a heavenly hunks price package along with a $100 gift card to Target to be used for back to school supplies! Each Brand Ambassador chose one winner at random who followed the rules of entry.

The two winners recently announced were @meaganzastrow and!

Be sure to give both our Brand Ambassadors and our two winners a follow on Instagram!

Our heavenly hunks make the perfect sweet treat for all of your family’s packed lunches this school year. These organic, vegan, gluten-free cookies are a ridiculously amazing snack that’s both yummy and guilt-free. Your kids will get that sweetness they crave without the afternoon sugar crash.

There are so many different ways you can enjoy your hunks this season, from straight out of the bag to crumbled on top of a bowl of ice cream. Discover more ways you can eat your Hunks this fall by checking our some of our suggestions!

Don’t miss the next giveaway by making sure you’re following E&C’s Snacks too! And don’t let the kids have all the fun. heavenly hunks make the perfect office snack to fend up that afternoon slump. Just make sure you stock up because hunks are made for sharing! Grab a few bags of your favorite flavor here or use our simple store finder to locate the store that’s selling hunks nearest you. Happy snacking!

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