7 Ways to Love Your Heavenly Hunks This Fall

7 Ways to Love Your Heavenly Hunks This Fall

Ready to mix up that summertime snack routine? As the weather cools down and everyone gets excited for sweaters and pumpkin spiced lattes, it’s only fair that Hunks get a bit of a fall refresh too. If you’re looking to add something a little extra to your relationship with your best Hunk, we’ve got you covered. Here are 7 new ways to love your Heavenly Hunks this fall.

Milkshakes & Hunks

This pairing is like cookies and milk, but better. Blend up your favorite flavor of milkshake and crumble a Hunk on top for a tasty treat you can eat with a straw or a spoon. Heavenly Hunks are vegan snacks, and you can still keep the dairy out of this creamy dessert by making your milkshake with one of HALO’s coconut-based ice creams.

Nutella Hunks

Everything is better with Nutella, and Heavenly Hunks are no exception. This super sweet hazelnut cocoa spread is especially rich and delicious when spread over a handful of Hunks. Our personal favorite Hunk flavor for dipping is peanut butter chocolate! Keep it vegan by making your own dairy-free version of Nutella with this recipe from Simply Whisked.

Hunk Parfait

Looking for a healthy breakfast that still feels like you’re splurging a bit? Just toss some berries into your favorite yogurt (plain, Greek, or non-dairy!) and substitute a few of your friendly neighborhood Hunks instead of traditional granola. This Hunk parfait is filling and flavorful, so grab a spoon and dig in!

Ice Cream Hunk Sandwich

Summer might be fading away, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop eating ice cream. Plus, this isn’t your typical vanilla ice cream tucked between two thin chocolate cookies. Level up your average ice cream sandwich with that vegan HALO ice cream and two ridiculously amazing Heavenly Hunks for a sweet sandwich snack. Try it with cranberry white chip to add just the right amount of tartness.

Coffee and Hunks

What better way to start your morning than with a hot cup of coffee and a side of Hunks? You might even be able to skip and cream and sugar with a flavor like oatmeal chocolate chip. Fuel yourself and get your day started with some caffeine and indulge in a guilt-free chocolatey breakfast.

PB&J Hunks

Looking for a fresh spin on your classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Get the same flavors of your most beloved childhood lunch in a bite-sized snack. Grab a handful of peanut butter chocolate Hunks, then just spread some grape jelly on top. Ditch the bread and dig in!

Hunk S’mores

A Heavenly Hunk, a square of Hershey’s chocolate, and a roasted marshmallow are all you need for the perfect late-night treat. Whether you like your marshmallow charred to a crisp or barely brown, it’s impossible to have just one. So gather around the campfire, but be careful. If you pass your bag of Hunks around the fire, it might be empty by the time you get it back!

What’s your favorite way to eat Hunks this season? Tag us in your photos on Facebook and Instagram to let us know!

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