The Start Of Something Good  

Our story starts in 2012. Ellen (aunt) sent Casey (nephew) a care package. The package contained Ellen’s famous cookies—baked from the recipe she had perfected and protected for 30 years. Everyone in the family loved the cookies, but no one (save Ellen) knew how to make them.

“I have to hide these from myself,” Casey thought, “they’re that good.”

It was right around college graduation that Casey told Ellen: “we need to start a cookie company.” We share a “family comes first” attitude, so we knew we'd make great business partners.

The time was right.

We decided to take the leap.  

Ellen took Casey into the safe and revealed the secret recipe.

Baked With Love And Real Ingredients 

Now, the secret’s out.

And it's changing the way people think about snacking.

First of all, our cookies aren’t actually cookies but “hunks”—small, uniformly-shaped square bites of goodness that make your mouth water. Each bite has just the right blend of moist chewiness and homemade flavor.

Every hunk contains all real ingredients, like almonds, cashews and cranberries held together by gluten-free rolled oats and a proprietary gluten-free flour blend. They’re a “conscious indulgence”—meaning, they’re a snack that tastes good and is good for you.

Since we’ve started E&C Snacks, we’ve learned a lot.

Like how to go from pitching and selling our cookies at local coffee shops to scaling for distribution in stores nationwide. We’ve learned how to package differently and have (repeatedly) asked our family and friends to be our taste testers (thank you!).

We’ve expanded our reach, but we've kept our values close.

Quality, honesty, integrity—those beliefs will always be important to us, because they helped us get where we are today.

Our products are baked with love and real ingredients.

We hope you’ll taste it for yourself.


Ellen and Casey