Whether you're looking for gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO snacks for your resale business, amenities for customers, or nutritious snacks for your break room, Heavenly Hunks Wholesale Program gets you access to our ridiculously amazing hunks in bigger quantities!  

What is Heavenly Hunks Wholesale Program?

Our Wholesale Program is exclusively available for wholesale purchasers of Heavenly Hunks products for bulk consumption or resale, that are unable to reasonably purchase Heavenly Hunks products through third party distribution partners due to minimum purchase requirements or accessibility. Heavenly Hunks Wholesale offers perks such as tax exemption for eligible businesses and larger pack sizes to accommodate bulk orders, allowing us to offer our snacks at a discounted price.

Who is ineligible for participation for Heavenly Hunks Wholesale Program?

  1. Any organization that intends to export Heavenly Hunks products outside of the United States or anyone representing an exporting business.
  2. A seller or re-seller on Amazon
  3. Any organization that our customer service team, in its sole discretion, is unable to verify is a legitimate business or non-profit organization. This includes without limitation lack of a website, insufficient tax documentation, or other readily available business information.
  4. Anyone seeking to purchase a quantity of less than a single pallet.

Can I purchase Heavenly Hunks through the Wholesale Program and through a third party distributor at the same time?

Can I have a price list with UPC codes?

Upon being approved for our Wholesale Program you will be send a sell sheet with all the information needed.

How long before my application is approved?

We’ll email you within 5 business days notifying you of the status of your application. If you haven’t heard back from us within this time, please reach out to customer service at info@eandcssnacks.com

Is there an order minimum?

Can I resell Heavenly Hunks products purchased through the Wholesale Program internationally?


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