Snacking Made Simple 

At E&C Snacks, we think snacks should taste good and be good for you. That's why our products are made with all real, sustainably-sourced ingredients. The small and square "hunk" shape packs moist chewy goodness and homemade flavor into every bite. 

Heavenly Hunks will satisfy any sweet tooth, we are sure of it.   

    The "Why" Behind Sustainable Ingredients

    Why choose sustainable ingredients? They're grown, processed and distributed in a way that minimizes harmful environmental impact. Grown without GMOs, antibiotics, herbicides or pesticides, sustainable ingredients are healthier and taste better! Here are a few favorites  you'll find in E&C Snacks: 

      Palm Oil

      We use palm oil, because it’s a great substitute for other fats. Plus, there are no gmos, preservatives or allergens. Not about that life.


      Our dried coconut contains no sulfur dioxide. It’s real and clean and free from the preservative—just like good coconut should be.

      Cane Sugar

      Do you know about bone char? Neither did we. It’s a porous material produced by charring animal bones, commonly used to filter sugar. Our non-gmo cane sugar is produced without bone char.


      Making healthy, wholesome snacks matters. So does paying a fair wage to the people who make it possible. That’s why our chocolate, sourced from South America, is fair-trade only.

      Sorghum Flour

      Did you know? Sorghum flour is an ancient grain—meaning, the grain has not been by changed by selective breeding and is packed with natural nutrients. Plus, it’s from the Midwest!


      Our oats come to us by way of Canada, and they’re certified gluten free! #doublewin

      Taste the Benefits

      Gluten Free



      Non GMO