Meet the heavenly hunks Team: Hannah Miller

Meet the heavenly hunks Team: Hannah Miller

We have a small, expert team of enthusiastic snack lovers who are dedicated to bringing you the most ridiculously amazing heavenly hunks sourced from the most sustainable ingredients. While we learn more about you and your snacking needs, we hope you also enjoy getting to know us better through a series of interviews where you’ll meet the ridiculously amazing people behind heavenly hunks. Meet Hannah!

How long have you been part of the heavenly hunks Team? A little over 2 years!

What do you do for heavenly hunks? Director of Supply Chain

What's a day at the office like? Ordering ingredients/materials and planning production for customer orders and making sure the supply chain runs smoothly! As well as sourcing ingredients for new flavor launches. Keeping up with supplier communication and ensure there are no quality issues with our items. And of course, making some time to play with our office dog, Penelope!

What did you do before joining heavenly hunks? I also worked in food! I worked in supply chain for two other startup food companies. 

What's your favorite thing about working at heavenly hunks? The people AND the hunks! We have an awesome team that works their butts off and of course the ridiculously amazing product. I am gluten-free so I was extremely happy to work for a gluten-free company. It’s so hard to find delicious tasting gluten-free sweet snacks out there and these are by far my favorite!

What's your favorite hunk flavor?  It’s a toss up between birthday cake and almond butter...I can't choose so I’m going to say both!

What's one thing readers might not know about heavenly hunks? A fun way I like to eat our hunks is heating up 1 hunk in the microwave for 8-10 seconds and eating it with ice cream and whipped cream on top!

What's your second favorite snack food (behind heavenly hunks!)? Anything flaming hot.. Cheetos, Doritos & Funyuns are my weakness.

Tell us something people might be surprised to know about you! I am an avid mushroom hunter! Specifically, morels, chanterelles, oyster and chicken of the woods.

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