Hunk Squad Member Spotlight: Anne Craig

Hunk Squad Member Spotlight: Anne Craig

Have you heard about our Brand Ambassador program? Our Hunk Squad is a group of passionate Heavenly Hunks lovers who are excited to share their love for these ridiculously amazing treats.

Back in May we featured the fantastic Alyssa Lavy, and this month we'd like to introduce you to Anne Craig! Get to know her in our Hunk Squad Member Spotlight below.

1. What’s your name?

Anne Craig.

2. What's your Instagram handle?

You'll find me at @anneacraig. Apparently there are a few Anne Craigs, so I had to throw my middle initial in.

3. Tell us a little about yourself!

I am a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor.

4. What got you interested in personal training and fitness?

My emotional and physical imbalance with food and exercise. I no longer wanted to view fitness as a way to mask a poor diet. I grew up as a competitive athlete, but as a young girl I didn't see a problem with my over training and malnourished regimen. My performance began to suffer when I finally realized that running on empty was not going to allow me to be the athlete I wanted to be. I began Googling and reading anything I could get my hands on and learned quickly that EVERYONE has the magic solution, from the “six min abs workout” to an opinion on what's “healthy”. Of course, I tried and failed a few times before I realized I needed to learn for myself. The next step was college and accredited certification courses, and here I am today, practicing, learning and mastering my craft.

5. What advice would you give to other busy moms interested in making healthier diet choices for themselves and their family?

Start small. Everyone wants to start with a FULL diet reboot. They begin eating foods they hate and hating the foods they eat. Change requires consistency, and you are much more likely to be consistent if you start small. With my clients we take a more narrow approach. Focus on one thing.

For example: Rather than focusing on eating less of something, look at your diet and see what you need to eat more of. Can you get your vegetable servings in each day this week? Can you eat the designated amount of protein? What I notice is that they begin eating more of what they SHOULD be eating and naturally have less room and focus on the things they SHOULDN'T without being told, “you can't eat this…”

6. What does a typical day look like for you?

With the twins being so young it includes a lot of baby juggling. I'm hoping to get back into a routine with my clients, which usually includes beginning around 5 am, my own training following, then mommy time with my three little ladies until our favorite man gets home- Daddy. When the world goes to sleep, I catch up on work to close the evening. It’s important to me to be very interactive in my daughters' lives. We play, we learn, we create, we imagine. Finding the time and balance to do things alongside motherhood that I'm passionate about has been challenging, but incredibly worth it.

7. What’s the most important thing you think our readers should know about living a healthy lifestyle?

My friend said it best, “You don’t plant the seed and eat the fruit on the same day”. Be patient. Be kind to yourself. Perfection is not required here —nor is it possible. Keep moving forward and know that your input will create your outcome.

8. What’s one tip you would give someone who is struggling with their health and fitness?

You will never be:

    • Accomplished enough
    • Attractive enough
    • Disciplined enough
    • “Enough” of anything when comparing yourself to others

The truth is, you how that how you feel about yourself is not dependent on how you see others. You’ll never be happy enough, for long enough. What if you trusted that you are more than enough just as you are? Stepping into that belief will liberate your energy to live more authentically, creatively, and purposefully.

9. How long have you been crushing on Heavenly Hunks?

I'm very new to this relationship but I see it lasting forever.

10. How did you learn about E&C’s Snacks/What drew you to our snacks?

I was actually raiding my mother-in-law’s pantry when I tried my first (let’s be honest I ate 3) Hunk. Later that week I came across them at Costco. You better believe I snatched up a few bags. I read labels, what is and what is not in the food I eat is important to me, and E&C’s has 5-star ingredients.

11. What’s your favorite Hunk flavor?

This blows my mind that I'm saying this because nothing is ever better than Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, but WOW the Peanut Butter Chocolate flavor makes me empty an entire bag in one sitting.

12. What’s the best thing about being a member of the Hunk Squad?

I'm new to the team, but a company that takes the time to get to know me like this team does speaks volumes to me! Thank you E&C’s Snacks for allowing me to share with your community.

13. Could you add in your best tips for healthy school lunches for kiddos?

My daughter has become an incredible eater and sometimes I just like making food a little more “fun” to eat.

    1. Using a cookie cutter to make their Dino-sandwhich-saurs super chomp-olicious.
    2. Buying or cutting up foods in irregular shapes that your child is used to eating. For example, I bought carrots in “coin” shapes and it increased my oldest daughter’s enjoyment for carrots. She pretends they are chips.
    3. Picking water and/or chocolate milk instead of juices. My daughter loves juice, so I’ll enhance her water with ½ a packet of “true lemon”. it’s a clean brand free of sugar substitutes.
    4. We make cupcakes all the time with our Kodiak mix. We substitute oils and butter for applesauce and yogurt to decrease the sugar and increase the protein.
    5. Making fruit and veggie skewers.
    6. Adding dips! My daughter loves to dip her fruit in a yummy blend we make that's protein-packed with greek yogurt + peanut butter goodness.
    7. Add a thermos and surprise them with something cold or hot. A smoothie or hot chocolate.

A few other foods my daughter loves: String cheese, edamame, turkey bacon, cuties, apples, rice crackers, cottage cheese, chicken, and Heavenly Hunks! If you are not introducing these foods at home, your child will not eat them away from the home.

Interested in becoming a member of the Hunk Squad? Get more information and apply here.

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