5 Tips for Smarter Snacking in the New Year

5 Tips for Smarter Snacking in the New Year

As we race to the finish line of the first month of 2019, now is the perfect time to reflect back on the intentions and goals you set for yourself while we were in the “fresh start” mindset of a new year. One of the top three resolutions people make consistently each year is to eat healthier. However, so many of us fall off the wagon before January even ends, leaving us discouraged and ready to give up. Making small adjustments to snack smarter now that you’re back into your regular routine can go along way toward that major “eat healthier” resolution.  

Here are a few tips for snacking smarter in the new year that can help you build new habits and a healthier lifestyle.


Be Mindful

The world is so fast-paced that we find ourselves sneaking in snacks and meals while we do a million other things. Maybe you end up eating lunch at your desk while you work, or chowing down on chips or cookies in the car while driving the kids to soccer practice. When you multitask at this level, it’s nearly impossible to actually enjoy the food you’re eating. When you stop and do nothing else but eat that cookie, the satisfaction of it can allow you to feel the endorphins of a small indulgence that might be the difference between two cookies and ten.


Think ahead

Planning is everything when it comes to smarter snacking.  When you find yourself with a growling stomach and no food on hand,  you cruise by the nearest fast food chain or hit the vending machine with snacks that contain ingredients you can’t even pronounce. If you think ahead to the activities you have and the times you normally get hungry, you can prep a snack that’s both delicious and won’t derail you from your goals.


Check your labels

Those vending machines we mentioned above? They’re full of artificial ingredients that are difficult for your brain (let alone your body) to process. Always read the label of every snack you select to make sure you understand what you’re fueling and feeding yourself with.


Keep it simple

It’s no mystery that the less complicated your food is, the better. Keeping your snacking simple creates a higher chance that you’ll take the time to prepare and reach for it when that afternoon hunger kicks in. Try to avoid snacks that need to be chopped, peeled, heated up, or require extra preparation before eating so that when you want it, you can have it! Time is of the essence, and the less time you have to spend putting together a snack, the more time you can spend mindfully eating it.


Satisfy your taste buds

The whole point of snacking is satisfying yourself in between meals! So make sure the treat you choose is something that’s also delicious. If you don’t enjoy your snack, you’re more likely to search for something else you didn’t plan on to curb that craving. While you’re planning your snacks for the new year, be sure to make selections you love that will love you back.

Snacking is about treating yourself to a break and a balance of taste and nutrition to give you that extra boost you need to finish out the day. Our Heavenly Hunks use real ingredients to create a simple, sweet snack that delivers all the flavor without the guilt. You can take a trip to snacking heaven by checking out one of our ridiculously amazing flavors! No matter what your snack of choice is, follow these tips to take your first step toward a happy new year and a healthier you.

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