5 Reasons Dads Love heavenly hunks

5 Reasons Dads Love heavenly hunks

We talk all the time about how much Moms and their kids are crushing on our Heavenly Hunks, but we can’t forget about Dad! Hunks are addicting for everyone, and Dads often share how much they love these ridiculously amazing sweet treats. Heres 5 reasons Dads love to snack on heavenly hunks.

Hunks help simplify summer.

Summer is swiftly approaching, and all of the incredible dads out there are gearing up to make sun-soaked memories with their kids. With so many on-the-go activities planned for the warm weather, having the perfect, quick snack on-hand for both parents and kids is a must. A handful of heavenly hunks is the perfect poolside or road trip snack to hold off the hunger so the whole family can squeeze in a few more hours of fun.

Hunks are an easy parenting decision.

Life gets chaotic, and sometimes even the smallest parenting decisions can feel daunting. With heavenly hunks, Dads can rest easy knowing they’ve made a smart decision for both their kids overall healthy eating habits and their sweet tooth satisfaction. Figuring out how to wrangle all of the kids together for back-to-back soccer practices and birthday parties? Easier said than done. Heavenly Hunks for a family movie night snack on the couch? Done.

Dads know exactly what’s in a hunk.

Dads want to give both themselves and their kids meals and snacks that fill them up and make them feel good about what they just ate. All of the ingredients in heavenly hunks are listed on every back and can be found in most pantries. Nothing that’s hard to pronounce, and nothing artificial.

Hunks take the work out of food allergies.

For those struggling with Celiac disease or dealing with a dairy allergy, we have carefully created a sweet and satisfying snack that is clearly labeled as both vegan and gluten-free. When dads or their kids have to monitor what they eat for allergens, it can take effort that adds to the stress of an already hectic day. Heavenly hunks help dads take the work out of finding snacks the whole family can enjoy.

Dads can sneak a Hunk or two, too.

Why should the kids get to have all of the hunk fun? From the late night munchies, to the afternoon workday slump, and even on the back nine of the golf course, dads love to have hunks on hand. In fact, he might even need his own secret stash. Now all he has to do is figure out where to hide that favorite bag of chocolate peanut butter so he doesn’t have to share!

Don't just take our word for it, see what other dads are saying!

If your local grocery store doesn’t carry hunks for you to stock up on your family’s favorite flavors, we now have a product request form for your convenience. Just fill it out and take it to your neighborhood grocer!

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