To our free-from families who feel difficult for desiring simple- we see
you. To the ingredient checkers and the claim seekers - we've got you.

In our kitchen, we create with your family in mind and it's our top priority to
ensure you're treated like family. That's why we are light on ingredients and heavy on the hunk.

To our on-the-go-getters, non-dairy declarers, and gluten free fanatics,
we invite you to indulge without sacrificing time & taste.

Share in homemade moments with loved ones, but leave the baking to us.
Real ingredients baked with love, from our family to yours.

Our snacks are a healthy indulgence that you can proudly share with your friends, kids, or just snack on yourself.

Casey maintains the same principle he established when he began the journey of product development. "We don’t use any ingredient you couldn't find in your own kitchen."

Each one of these real ingredients is sustainably sourced and free of additives so there's no guilt.


We're dedicated to complete transparency. Casey comes from a family of hardworking entrepreneurs who know that passion for people is the most important ingredient. The “family first” mindset is what we strive to pass on to our customers.

No matter what obstacles arise in life or in business, family will continue to be the key ingredient.

Every Hunk starts its journey in Casey's kitchen and is given the stamp of approval from not only his immediate but also his heavenly hunk family. Quality, honesty, and integrity are at the center of every Hunk.