Our Story

The Start of Something Good

The Hunks have been a family favorite for decades. The first version of the homemade cookie was baked over 30 years ago, and anyone who has ever tasted one has been hooked since the first bite.

While Ellen’s nephew Casey was at college, she sent him a new type of cookie they had been working on a. Casey's light bulb went off at first sight(and bite). 

The following week when Casey came home to visit, he flat out asked Ellen if they could start a cookie company together. Without hesitation, Ellen said yes. She took Casey to her safe that night to show him the recipe, and E&C’s Snacks was born. Casey was the second set of eyes to ever see the recipe since the first batch was made.


What began as cookies sealed with saran wrap and a sticker has now evolved into Heavenly Hunks. These perfectly square Hunks are soft, chewy, and full of flavor. They're big enough bites to satisfy, but small enough that you can’t eat just one.

Casey worked to further perfect the recipe so the Hunks could stay fresh on the journey from their baking kitchen to your home. After endless R&D hours he tested a batch of gluten-free, vegan Hunks for Casey’s sister and mom so they could experience the cookies too. This new recipe tasted so good it became the standard, so now Heavenly Hunks are as inclusive and free of allergens as possible.

E&C’s Snacks was born from a love of real, fresh ingredients, and they wanted to share their passion outside of the family. Their snacks are a healthy indulgence that you can proudly share with your friends, kids, or just snack on yourself. Ellen and Casey made a rule when they began the journey of product development. They don’t use any ingredient you wouldn’t be able to find in your own kitchen at home. Each one of these real ingredients is sustainably sourced and free of additives so that you have no guilt feeding them to your little ones or eating half the bag on your own.







E&C’s Snacks is dedicated to complete transparency. The two come from a family of hardworking entrepreneurs who know that passion for people is the most important ingredient. The “family first” mindset is what E&C’s Snacks strives to pass on to their customers.


No matter what obstacles arise in life or in business, family will continue to be the key ingredient in everything they do. Casey and Ellen still test new recipes together in their kitchen and make sure every cookie is carefully crafted and responsibly packaged. Quality, honesty, and integrity are at the center of every cookie.