Our Purity Protocol Gluten- Free Oats

Our Purity Protocol Gluten- Free Oats

At heavenly hunks we will always be transparent with what ingredients are in our ridiculously amazing hunks. Our hunks are always baked with LOVE and REAL ingredients. No secrets here!

Even though oats are naturally gluten-free, there is always a possibility that they are contaminated with gluten from other grains such as barley, wheat, rye, or even grain dust. This could be from things like wind-blown drift from neighboring fields before harvest, or cross-contamination during processing or transportation from seeds or equipment that contain gluten.

Because of this, we use Purity Protocol oats. Purity Protocol is a “farm-to-plate method” which ensures that the oats are gluten-free and have met certain criteria in the harvest, transportation, and storage processes that prevent or minimize the risk of cross-contamination.

Since our oats are Purity Protocol, they are certified gluten-free and sustainably grown and harvested from non-GMO seeds. In order to be certified by the Gluten Free Certification Program (GFCO) the oats must contain less than 10 ppm gluten. The oats that we use in our hunks usually contain less than 5 ppm. Plus, each batch of oats is traceable right back to the farmer and the field, so we know exactly who and where they came from.

So, our oats are nothing but the best for the best: YOU!

Whether you have an allergy or sensitivity you know the drill: read your food labels and snack smart!

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