5 Reasons Moms Love Heavenly Hunks

5 Reasons Moms Love Heavenly Hunks

Moms frequently reach out to E&C’s Snacks to let us know how much they and their families love Heavenly Hunks. Here are 5 reasons Moms love these ridiculously amazing, consciously indulgent treats.


They make quick and easy snacks.

School mornings are hectic, to say the least. When you’re trying to get yourself ready, the little ones up and going, breakfast made, and bags packed,  lunch is the last thing that should be a hassle. That’s why moms love stashing a bag of Heavenly Hunks in their purse as a quick pick me up, or they’ll toss a few in their kids’ lunchbox for a sweet treat that won’t lead to a sugar crash later.      


They satisfy the sweet tooth.

Everyone gets those sugary or salty cravings during the afternoon slump or late at night. Instead of binging on Netflix and reaching for that big bowl of candy or buttery popcorn that always seems to be around, grab a handful of Hunks and enjoy real chocolate or white chips without all of those extra artificial additives you can’t pronounce.


They’re free of most allergens.

Heavenly Hunks are free of dairy, gluten, and nuts, making them a conscious snack that’s easy to safely feed a crowd. Because E&C ‘s Snacks only uses real ingredients, you know exactly what’s inside your Hunks when you read the label. The E&C’s Snacks family wouldn’t create a recipe with ingredients you couldn’t find in your own kitchen.


Moms can indulge without feeling guilty.

You know those days when you need to hide out for a few minutes from the craziness of hustling and parenting to just enjoy a simple indulgence? Instead of sneaking a king-sized chocolate bar that might make you feel guilty later, you can take a “mom break” with a Hunks and fuel yourself with delicious flavor without the aftertaste of overindulgence.


They’re vegan AND organic.

So many conscious snackers are becoming more aware of what they’re eating themselves, as well as what they’re feeding their kids. E&C’s Snacks wants Heavenly Hunks to be able to be enjoyed by as many families as possible, so you can rest assured that every ingredient is mindfully selected.

The only thing moms don’t love about Heavenly Hunks is that they have to share their favorite ridiculously amazing snacks with the rest of the household! If your local grocery store doesn’t carry Hunks for you to stock up on your family’s favorite flavors, we now have a product request form for your convenience. Just fill it out and take it to your neighborhood grocer! 


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