The Year of Costco

We did it! 2020 was full of hard work and gratitude. Your love for hunks keeps growing and so does our team! We added a new ridiculously amazing team member, Hannah, that now makes us an unstoppable team of seven. Our office dog, Penelope, continues to keep the office under her reign.


 The year of Costco!

We started the year by launching our new Almond Butter Dark Chocolate Hunks into Costco. With a strong demand from our customers for a new Costco flavor we know we had to deliver, and fast! 

Our Dark Chocolate Heavenly Hunks went nationwide into COSTCO CANADA and became the number one selling cookie in just a few short months. We’ll raise a hunk to that! 

To end the year with a bang we had another United States Costco multi-vendor mailer with $3 off each bag of our Organic Dark Chocolate Hunks (hint – they are still on sale...RUN!) 


We are still celebrating!

In August, we launched our new Birthday Cake flavor, and we cannot get enough of them. It is dangerous to have thousands of bags of hunks in the office always within reach. Trust us!

We shared the love with the United Kingdom, Iceland and France and sent our hunks across the pond to TK Maxx! Yes, TK, we know it sounds odd. 

Lastly, we had the opportunity to send a very well deserved thank you to our frontline workers and military by sending out thousands of bags of hunks. We appreciate your sacrifice to help keep us safe each and every day! 


We would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for all of our ridiculously amazing customers, vendors, friends and family. Thank you for all of your love and support!


-E&C's Team


  • Posted by Dana on

    Oh man, you’ve been a source of happiness in these interesting times. I mean, I’ve imagined my perfect oatmeal cookie before, and you cookies damn well were them. I truly mean this. Kudos for all you hard work. You made some scrumptious ass sh*t.

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