5 Gluten Free and Dairy Free Holiday Desserts for hunk Lovers

5 Gluten Free and Dairy Free Holiday Desserts for hunk Lovers

The holiday season often centers around families getting together to share delicious dinners and incredible desserts. But creating a holiday dessert that everyone is able to enjoy can be a challenge with dietary restrictions and allergens. This year, we want to help you expand your holiday baking list to include some gluten free and dairy free desserts that your whole family can enjoy! We’ve even made a few suggestions for ways you can incorporate your favorite hunks so they can celebrate with you.

5 Gluten Free and Dairy Free Holiday Desserts for hunk Lovers

Vegan Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pie

What’s more festive this time of year than a pumpkin pie? A vegan lifestyle or a gluten allergy shouldn’t prevent anyone from enjoying the best pumpkin treat around (yes, even better than the PSL, sorry Starbucks). Bake up a pie every guest can enjoy with this recipe from Minimalist Baker. Try making your own oatmeal crust using Heavenly Hunks to really get experimental and add a serious wow factor to a traditional dish!

Chocolate Cranberry Christmas Mini Cakes

This gluten-free recipe could use a little love from a hunk or two! Bake these up and crumble a couple of cranberry white chip Hunks on top to add a bit of crunch to these tiny, festive cakes.

Coconut No-Bake Cookies

Using an oven over and over during an all-day baking extravaganza can be exhausting— and hot! Switching things up by whipping together some vegan no-bake cookies. The coconut really adds some extra fun flavor to traditional no-bakes. Sprinkle some peanut butter chocolate Hunk crumbles during plating for a gorgeous display!

Vegan Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcakes

Ever find a cupcake recipe where the cake is gluten-free or vegan but the frosting isn’t? We’ve got you covered this year with these decadent chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing. The only thing these cupcakes are missing is the chewy goodness of Hunks. Cut one peanut butter chocolate Hunk in half and nestle into the frosting of the cupcake as a garnish on top.

Vegan Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

When you’re craving pumpkin but don’t want to go to all the effort to make a pie, these smoothies will do just the trick. This recipe uses coconut milk and bananas to make the smoothie creamy and delicious. Service with a side of oatmeal white chip Hunks for a thoughtfully indulgent treat.

We hope you enjoy creating and taste testing all of these delicious gluten free and dairy free holiday dessert recipes! Grab the Hunks you need to spice things up HERE.

P.S. - We heard Santa also has a gluten intolerance and prefers a dairy-free diet. This year, skip the cookies and milk and leave a jolly handful of heavenly hunks out for St. Nick on Christmas Eve. You’re sure to be on his nice list if you share some with the reindeer too.

Happy Holidays!


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